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Who Is My Therapist?

Marsha Needham, owner and operator of Tranquil Touch Therapeutic Massage was trained and certified in 1993 at The Atlanta School of Massage. She is an insured member of the International Massage Association (IMA).

Marsha has hundreds of hours of practice in partnership with Chiropractors, Orthopedic Surgeons, General Practitioners and other health care providers. She continues to grow as a therapist by regularly studying effective modalities that help better serve those who require massage as a part of a physical therapy regimen or for those who simply want to relax.

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Certified In:

Deep Tissue  Neuromuscular  CranioSacral 
Slow, deep finger pressure on specific muscles that are tight. Great for sore shoulders and stiff necks. Also called Trigger Point Therapy, concentrated pressure on sore areas that trigger pain in other parts of the body. A light, gentle therapy that addresses dysfunctions of the body by generally focusing on the head and low back.
Pre- and Perinatal  Reflexology  Myofascial Release 
Focuses on special needs of moms-to-be during and after pregnancy. Addresses specific points on hands, feet and ears that are directly linked to major organs and zones of the body. Relaxes muscle, restores connective tissue health and breaks down scar tissue.
Swedish  Hot/Cold Stone Therapy  On-site/Chair Massage 
A light soothing work. Relaxing and useful in milking the muscles of toxins.
A popular and grounding treatment using basalt lava stones to nurture, warm or cool troubled areas of the body. No oils or creams involved. Clients are fully clothed. Work focuses on upper body. Sessions are generally 10-15 minutes making this a great workplace stress buster.

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