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YOGA is an ancient practice
that can help create a sense of union
for the body, mind and spirit, supporting a feeling of wholeness, peace and balance.

EveryBODY can explore
the benefits of Yoga -
age, physical make up
and fitness level do not matter.

Why not find a class this week?


Marsha Needham is the primary teacher for Tranquil Touch Yoga. She loves the benefits of yoga and has had a personal yoga practice for more than 20 years in a wide range of yoga traditions.

She began teaching Yoga in 2005 after completing an intensive 200 hour teacher training with Kashi Atlanta, Urban Yoga Ashram. (www.kashiatlanta.org) Marsha maintains the required course work to be an active registered teacher (RYT) with the National Yoga Alliance and teaches from the tradition of the Classical (Raja/Ashtanga/8 limbed) yogic path. 

In 2007, Marsha completed an additional 200 hour level course of study to deepen and broaden her skills as a Yoga teacher. Her style of teaching is gentle and joyful…she embraces working with all class levels, whether it's carefully guiding the beginner in a new pose, refining the skills of the intermediate student or challenging and strengthening the practice of the experienced yogi. All Classes are tailored to the participant's needs and often accommodates all skill levels in the same session. 

Marsha's background as a Massage Therapist provides a practical understanding of anatomy and physiology, making her classes' safe, effective and confidence building. 

Traditionally a class last about an hour and sessions are always creative, fun and relaxing-blending Hatha yoga (the yoga of physical discipline) Pranayama (breath control) and Meditation (awareness) together for a class that leaves students feeling unburdened and refreshed. 

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Yoga Class Options:

 * On-Site Benefits  Flex Scheduling
Groups (3 student minimum, per class) $18.00 per person, per class
  • reduces stress
  • controls weight
  •  quiets the mind
  •  improves respiration and circulation
  • aids in digestion
  • eases pain
  • improves flexibility
  • helps you sleep
  • increases vitality


We remain Flexible

Tranquil Touch Yoga has a personal roster of experienced, local registered yoga teachers available for events requiring more than one teacher. 

In addition to the traditional 5 week series, modified series and one-time, event based classes are possible.

Individual/Private $65.00 per class
Private Residence, HOA Club House and Workplace classes are available. Classes are designed in a five week progressive series style which includes assessment, education and practice.

* travel, set-up and equipment use fee may be added.

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